Camas WA Law Enforcement & Fire Marshal UNFAIR

In Camas Washington where I’m citizen for over 22 years, the Camas Police Chief Mitch Lackey with his officers are not doing fair job.

My neighbor Angelica Perez made a lot crime in the past 3 years. She stole from me over ,000, (I have evidence from Angelica’s friend). Also she made assault on 4/17/16 with her sister Sicilia Cisnero.

I had call police many times, but officers didn’t help me with these situations, when I was a victim and when the assault happened. Debrah Riedl officer unfairly wrote police report. They lied, saying I didn’t make any sense when I called 911 on 4/17/16. Because I did not request Ambulance, at the same time they didn’t help me solve this assault. Also, the judge Superior Court was not able to give me ant-harassment order. I made an appeal against Debrah Riedl and other officers to Mayor of City, Scott Higgins, who passed all the information to Camas Police Chief Mitch Lackey. When I spoke with Chief Mitch Lackey he was angry at me because I made appeal to City Mayor. I have evidence of this as well. They didn’t let me make a complaint on Debrah Riedl officer. Captain Nelson only wrote positive things about Officer Debrah Riedl. Camas Police Chief Mitch Lackey was on the officers’ side, making them seem better at their job then they really are.

Since local law enforcement is on their side nothing changed. Angelica Perez made “Terrorism” with her friend Teresa Sample. Angelica Perez made special “Terror” fire on 5/21/17. It was a special made fire. She targeted me by trying to burn my house along with her house. The smoke affected my health condition. I stayed outside of my house and watched them throw things in the fire. I heard Angelica Perez say”… So they cannot see.” She threw gas on the fire and her friend Teresa Sample threw a bottle of water on the fire. Teresa Sample admitted a after few days of “Terror” that Angelica Perez threw gas on fire. I was able to stop “Terror “by calling 911 and gave them all the information to the officers. My house damaged a lot, exterior and interior. Police just like waited for it happened. Officer David Garcia told me personally who threw the water bottle and who threw the rest of the stuff. The long investigation is still continuing. The Columbian News said, “Fire Department said firefighters arrived to find a single-story home a flame.” And Fire Marshal Ron Schumacher told me on 6/14/17 he isn’t going give me fire report. It’s because I don’t have insurance on my house and they insurance State Farm don’t want pay us, when my house is very damaged from the fire. Chief Fire Marshal said: “Go to your friend’s insurance and ask them to pay you.” The City Manager Peter Campbell saying it’s out of his hands, he has nothing to do with it.

I have evidence that Angelica Perez tries to get in my house, and now when this same girl is trying to steal additional belongings from me. The officers say it’s too late to arrest Angelica Perez. One of the officers said because I don’t have any evidence, they can allow her to wear my clothes that have been stolen. Captain Nelson is ignoring my complaint against those who abused me. I personally can say that Debrah Riedl is trying to kill me by helping my neighbors, as what I told to Camas Police Chief.